About Man Lung Penjing

What is the meaning of Man Lung? It is a southern China dialect. It means literate farmer. The Man Lung Garden was founded in 1967 by Mr. Wu Yee Sun, a penjing (bonsai) expert. At that time, the garden was a place where penjing lovers and experts came to talk about and show their unique pot plants. The public had the rare opportunity of seeing beautiful exhibitions priceless miniature trees. Unfortunately, in 1978, the Man Lung Garden was forced to close down due to the expropriation of the land for a railway station by the government of Hong Kong. In year 2000, the Man Lung Garden was established at the Hong Kong Baptist University again.

Mr. Wu's distinctive book, Man Lung Artistic Pot Plants, gives a detailed description of the history and development of penjing. In fact, they originated from China, even though they are now more well-known in Japan. The book also contains many lovely illustrations with full explanations. In 2002, he has published a comprehensive collection of penjing in full color called Man Lung Penjing.

This website has been created in 2000 in order to continue the tradition of discussion and exchange among penjing experts and hobbyists. The site can be found at www.manlungpenjing.org. Anyone interested is invited to visit the website. Since 2004, Man Lung Penjing sponsored penjing experts from China to attend various seminars hosted by other penjing clubs. We hope to continue to sponsor, if possible.

Special Thanks

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the penjing enthusiasts who help promote the new penjing books and the manlung website to other people.

Thanks to:

Mr. Zhang Yan Ze of " Penjing Shangshi Flowers
Trees Potted Landscape " Magazine and

Mr. Su Ben Yi of " Zhongguo Huahui Penjing "

for giving us permission to reprint penjing articles from the magazines. These two magazines are very well known in China.

Mr. Wu Yee Sun
Mr. Wu Yee Sun
1904 - 2005

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