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Extracted from Man Lung Artistic Pot Plants, 1967
Wu Yee Sun


Artistic pot plants, which "bring Nature indoors", give a more "realistic" feeling than paintings. The cultivation and enjoyment of dwarfed trees serve to ease the tension of busy modern city life. Nothing gives better relaxation to the mind after a day's hard work than these plants which bring indoors tall mountains and great lakes, ancient trees with their network of branches, all dwarfed into a fraction of their natural size. All our cares will then vanish. A pot of bonsai is a feast to the eye and a joy for the heart. It is a healthy hobby. As a writer in a local evening paper has said, the cultivation of bonsai besides benefiting the mind gives exercise to the body. I have also heard Mr. Q.W. Lee of Hang Seng Bank say that bonsai cultivation, instead of distracting the mind from its concentration on work, would help us achieve more creative work. For it eases one's tension and is conducive to his physical health. I fully share Mr. Lee's view. I remember that the famous Chinese author, Dr. Lin Yu-Tang in his book The Importance of Living highly recommends the cultivation of bonsai as an indispensable artistic hobby in our everyday life. I think you will also agree to the above views.

In this connection I would give a word of advice to young people taking up bonsai culture as a hobby. It is true that this is a healthy hobby, but young people should not spend too much time and energy on it, to the neglect of their work or studies. For anything carried to excess is harmful.

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