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Extracted from Man Lung Artistic Pot Plants, 1967
Wu Yee Sun


Young plants taken from the hills or nurseries would best be grown first in the ground in order that they may get nourishment from the earth for quicker growth. When planting in the ground the best thing to do is to insert in the soil some pieces of tile on which the plants will be placed. This is to make sure that the roots will grow evenly and will not penetrate too deep into the soil for this will make it difficult to remove the plants and will also harm the roots. When ready, the plants should be taken out of the soil and potted, and the tree pruned to get rid of undesired branches. In order to give the branches strength and an ancient appearance, the method known as "Grow and Clip" should be employed; when the first section of a branch is strong enough, it should be clipped so that side-branches will grow and this process is repeated until a beautiful bonsai with an ancient appearance results. It is important to bear in mind that unless extremely necessary, avoid using iron wires to bend the tree and branches to the required shape. The method of "Grow and CIip" is used by the "Lingnan School"; Messrs. Wu York Yu, Liu Fei Yat, Hung Tai Chor, Mok Man Fu, Buddhist Monk So-yan, Luk Hok Ming, Tsui Hung Pui, Chan Kam Tak, Yu Shun Nam, Tang Heung Hoi, Wong Kam, Chan Tak Cheung, Kong Chee, Lee Shu Chik, Cheung Sui To and Jim Ting Bor are outstanding followers of this School.

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