CREATIONS by Mr. Wong Chiu Shing

Mr. Wong Chiu Shing, residing in Hong Kong, the former chief-technician of the penjing garden in the Hong Kong Yuen Yuen Institute, is an advanced expert and enthusiast in Langnam school of penjing. He is employed as an instructor in horticultural lessons by organizations and associations. He won different honors, prizes and awards in penjing at competitions in various important penjing & flowers expositions in China and in Hong Kong. For the purpose of giving his learners to have better conditions, soil lands, rising their enthusiasm in penjing and getting harvest on artistic creations of each own, Mr. Wong established and has been developing a large nursery named “Hong Kong Penzhongyi Zhi Jia” (means home for the artistic pot plants of Hong Kong). For doing this, he sacrificed for the spreading of Chinese traditional penjing culture and for the Lingnam school of penjing with every efforts.

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