The Fantasy of Penjing - 3

Dedication with poetry
Mr. Wu very often dedicates on his prints of penjing with poetry and have his personal seal affixed on them. Then he would like to hang them in the hall so that they may be appreciated as paintings. Unfortunately many foreigners either do not understand the meaning of the poem or consider that the written characters destroy the unity of the picture. Thus, regrettably they find the addition of poetry to the pictures unacceptable. This is perhaps due to differences in cultural background and is understandable. The following pictures are some of the works created by Mr. Wu .

These two photo sets show the same penjing work with different background. One photo has a natural background, the other photo has a background with poem. Which one do you like more?

The words mean - Is it the forest or the trail.
This one shows the crane with the tree and grass like old friends meeting together. So the words mean - Old friends talk about their past memories.

Please try to understand the dedications in the prints and see if you concur with Mr. Wu's feelings.

Two old friends enjoying tea under the tree and talking about world events.
This tree is over 100 years old.  It has five trunks in a tree symbolizing five old members together.
A person drinking under the tree is attracted by its beauty./To stop his drink under the tree he is attracted by its beauty.
The tree says, " I do not bow to everyone.  Tonight I only bow to the beautiful moon. "
This is a statue of a famous novelist.  And the tree like a famous printing  When we see the statue, we know that he is thinking about writing the novel.
The crane, the grass and the tree look like old friends talking about past memories.
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