The Fantasy of Penjing - 1

Admiration And Life by Kit Sum Wong
(This essay is adopted from column of Sing Tao Daily News of Toronto)
Admiration is the greatest art of life. Also this is the happiest feeling in life. Not only this can turn sorrow to joyful, enhance our spiritual territory, but it also can turn ordinary to magic and to raise the delightful of our life.

This is very obvious principle: with the same range of mountains, same stream of water or same ray of sunlight. For an ordinary person, this is only an ordinary natural shape of objects and nothing extraordinary and not at all surprising. But in the vision of an enlightened mind person, this can sway one's disposition and evoke the sense of beauty. Seemingly, this turns into a set of beautiful pictures that can make people forget all annoyance or a set of sentimental poems. This can make people wandering around and pondering over it. That is the joyful which admiration can bring.

Admiration is the best gift that comes from the heaven. Everybody has a fair share. The difference is in one self's intensity of feeling. For ordinary people, they are not scarcely know how to admire things, while this is because of the affection of environment and the limitation of one's experience and accomplishment. That makes the contrary of different levels of one's taste.

Let's take an example, the appreciation of beauty. Ordinary people deemed people in brilliant luxury costume, full of jewelry as wealth and beauty. But for a person that knowing how to admire, one has to find out if she is dressed befitting to the occasion, her expression and temperament can move others. This is so called "if one is well literate, one should have brilliant temperament." Ordinary people can only see the appearance. Cultured person is emphasis on temperament. And that is the difference between the admiration of ordinary people and cultured people.

Thus the sound of Pavarotti would only admire by a limited minority, while the sound of Rolling Stones can be accepted by the most of the people. Also just because of that our variety world is making up of popularized and cultured.

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