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Poem of the picture
The landscape of the hills and lake is like a print.
I do not want to leave after viewing the landscape.
Unfortunately I must leave for my career.
When will I have time to enjoy the scenery again ?

Mr. Wu Yee Sun's Creation
Mr. Wu wrote the following three poems in the 1970s. It was at the time of his retirement and his relaxing life style was reflected in the poems.
A Portrait of My Soul
I am as wild as I was in the past
Fortunately I still have a healthy body
In the mirror I see frost that is actually my grey hair
My rosy cheek is but the result of wine.

For the rest of my life I will
Read a thousand books
Practice calligraphy
Build a stone garden and cultivate plants
Dedicate to cultivation
While half devoted to my business.
The Scene of Man Lung Garden
Wondering through east and west I was once like a floating fleabane.
I feel more leisurely now that my burdens are somewhat eased
Do not laugh at me if I choose to stroll in the woods, planting bamboo and tending pine.
Among friends having the same hobby we critically discuss juniper and maple.
Indeed we find happiness by the "Xiu An", pagoda.
We must remember that we should maintain a care-free and
unfettered mental state and discard all worries.
Thus I am satisfied to be a literate farmer. ( Man Lung )
I have long hated the hustle and bustle of city life.
I rather enjoy the refreshing breeze by the "Xiu An" pagoda.
Why not nurture my temperament by practising the art of Penjing and enjoy the happy life of a worry-free and unfettered farmer?
I have time to enjoy the sight of bamboo and appreciate green pine.
Not long after the flowering of sweet-scented osmanthus (guihua) ends, the maple begins to turn red.
Lovesickness * does not necessarily carry with sour taste * while the fragrance in Nine miles* evokes my urge to chant poems.
Please note
* Jequirity, Celtis Sinensis Pers in Chinese means lovesickness.
* Sageretia theezans in Chinese means sour taste.
* MurrayaPaniculata, OrangeJasmine in Chinese means fragrance in nine miles.
so the above paragraph is read in Chinese as follows :
Celtis Sinensis Pers * does not necessarily carry with Sageretia theezans
* while the MurrayaPaniculata* evokes my urge to chant poems.
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